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Bridge-the-Gap Alimony in Florida

Bridge-the-Gap alimony is a type of spousal support or alimony available in the state of Florida. It is designed to help a lower-earning spouse transition from being married to being single and self-supporting. The purpose of bridge-the-gap alimony is to assist with short-term financial needs during the period of adjustment after a divorce.

Here are some key features of bridge-the-gap alimony in Florida:

  1. Short-term nature: Bridge-the-gap alimony is intended to be temporary and cannot exceed two years in duration.
  2. Non-modifiable: Once the court orders bridge-the-gap alimony, it cannot be modified or extended beyond the original timeframe.
  3. Specific purpose: This type of alimony is meant to address identifiable and short-term financial needs, such as paying rent, utilities, or other essential living expenses.
  4. Limited use: Bridge-the-gap alimony is not available in all divorce cases and is usually awarded when there is a genuine need for short-term financial assistance.

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